Jessica B
Applications Instructor

Jessica Brown has over eight years of experience within the training industry, both at New
Horizons and as an in-house corporate trainer. She knows that all good training stems from a solid knowledge in Business Skills. She incorporates many of these principles into the classes she teaches. Jessica has worked with multiple generations of the Microsoft Office Suite, and has assisted many organizations with implementation the latest versions
of Microsoft products. With her constant support during the rollout process, companies experience fewer wrinkles during the transition. In addition to her skills with Microsoft Office, she uses her real-world experience to provide Business Skills solutions. She focuses on the importance of successful communication between team members and demonstrates how it improves productivity and client satisfaction. In addition to using theoretical examples to teach
content, Jessica uses her own experiences to further explain concepts and enrich her class content. By mixing both, she is able to provide hypothetical situations in which they can apply their new knowledge. Jessica has provided training to a variety of industries, including but not limited to, the retail and IT industries. She has experience in giving home computer tutorials for clients, and enjoys seeing her students have that “Aha!” moment when everything clicks.

"I teach through fun with patience and understanding. Every student should leave my classroom learning something they did not know before."

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Professional Experience
  • Top 25 Applications Instructor, Training in Excellence Award, Chancellors Achievement Award
  • University of North Carolina- Wilmington Bachelor of Arts – Communication Studies
Languages Spoken
  • English