Roger C
Applications Instructor

Roger Clark is a proven Trainer and Technical Writer with over 20 years of experience. He has an approval rating from thousands of students of over 98%, and have created and delivered training materials for software products with nothing more than the software’s manual under fairly tight deadlines. He has the ability to take complex ideas and concepts and make them easy to understand, and more importantly, the ability to explain these ideas in several different ways if necessary.
Roger considers himself a “Jack of many trades”, and thinks the two most valuable skills he has learned over the years are 1) learning “how to learn” software quickly and 2) how to effectively troubleshoot problems in an efficient, organized manner.

“Don’t think too hard.” I also believe people will remember a good joke before a good sermon. I do my best to keep my classes light hearted and work to ensure “no one will be left behind”.

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Professional Experience
  • Corporate Trainer
  • Technical Instructor
  • Help Desk Manager
Clients Served
  • Genentech
  • Foster Farms
  • State of California
Languages Spoken
  • English