Gabe C
Applications Instructor

As a former New Horizons student, Gabe can relate to students’ experiences better than most. He prefers to utilize both theoretical and real-world examples in his classes to produce a well-rounded experience for his students. “My favorite part of instructing is seeing the “a-ha” moment when a student gets it,” Gabe states. He knows that classes can be a bit of an improvisation game when it comes to questions, so he remains ready for anything. It influences the way the way he sets up the class and creates a relaxed and informative environment that leads to the highest levels of student satisfaction. As one of our leading SharePoint instructors, he teaches students how to easily manage documentation and large amounts of information. Additionally, he is invested in teaching his students business skills that will help them excel in their careers. He places an emphasis on organization: “It’s the key to it all. Keeping on task, knowing what’s due—it’s the foundation everyone needs in business.” Gabe has been responsible for delivering effective instruction in various environments ranging from local to connected classrooms, webinars, and individual hands-on application.
He is a veteran of the United States Marine Corps.

“My ability to improvise while maintaining a relaxed and informative Environment results in an easy to learn experience that keeps students wanting more.”

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  • Lean Six Sigma Black Belt
Professional Experience
  • Top 25 Applications Instructor, Computer Programmer, Project Analyst
Clients Served
  • County of Orange, Edison, CHOC
Languages Spoken
  • English