EntelligenceU Training

Training & Certifications for IT Professionals

IT professionals need far more than just great technical skills; they need soft skills too. The skills that help them deal with difficult customers, communicate effectively, lead diverse teams, and manage important projects. These are the skills that can make or break an IT professional’s career.

At New Horizons, we have the answer. Through our partnership with EntelligenceU, you have access to the Entelligence Certified IT Professional Training. This short yet impactful course will teach you the skills, tips and tricks to stay relevant in the IT industry. Whether you're an IT professional looking to gain a competitive edge, or a company needing to upskill your IT department, New Horizons and EntelligenceU can help. 

Transform Your Team into the Most Talented, Productive & Engaged Workforce 

The Entelligence Certified IT Professional training gives your team the soft skills and professional development they need to eliminate project failures and escalations, and create very satisfied customers. This 90-minute certification program is easy to follow, self-paced, and accessible anytime, from anywhere.

With the Entelligence Certified IT Professional training, you and your team will be prepared for the industry's biggest challenges. Each module includes:

  • Recaps to reinforce learning
  • Quizzes to test understanding
  • Techniques and tools that can be used in the workplace immediately

Proven Results

The Entelligence Certified IT Professional training results in a measurable impact:

  • Increase Employee Engagement & Retention - Grow and nurture high-performing teams that go the extra mile
  • Drive Productivity – The resulting A Players will be 2x more productive than B Players and 12x more than C Players
  • Improve Customer Satisfaction - Win new customers and convert them into repeat buyers, while keeping existing stakeholders highly satisfied.
Course Description

The nine modules, recaps and quizzes within this course will teach you and your team to work smarter, not harder. Upon completing this course you'll have the tools to edge out your competition and rise to the top of the IT industry. And all in less than 90 minutes. The nine modules are:

  • 5 Ways A Players Impact IT Organizations
  • 5 Characteristics of an A Player
  • Above the Line
  • Mastering the Customer Experience
  • First and Lasting Impressions
  • Communication Basics
  • How to Handle Escalations
  • The Kick Off Meeting
  • The Status Report