Leadership, Manger & Supervisor Training

Your leadership team is on the frontlines of all organizational activities, yet 71% of organizations say their leaders are not ready to lead their organizations into the future*. Businesses must be able to better develop high-quality leaders at all levels and utilize true analytics to drive predictive decisions about future-oriented leadership capability and acuity. Leadership shortfalls are, and will continue to be, one of the greatest differentiators between high-performing organizations and other groups. Are you preparing your leaders and teams for the growth you’re planning? 

New Horizons Learning Group has partnered with the top Executive Coaching, Leadership Development and Turn-Around Management Professionals in the nation to help take your organization to the next level. Together with your Executive and Management team, we are committed to finding the best solution for your leadership, sales, and culture transformation. Leadership and Coaching Modules Include: 

  • Leadership Edge
  • Strategy Management
  • Culture Transformation
  • Solutions Summit
  • Professional Sales Development
  • Performance Management
  • Coaching
  • Profile XT Assessments
*According to 2015 Brandon Hall Group’s State of Leadership Development Study


Leadership & Executive Coaching

New Horizons Learning Group has partnered with the top Executive Coaching, Leadership Development and Turnaround Management Professionals in the nation to help take your organization to the next level. Together with your Executive and Management team, we are committed to helping you take the optimal steps for your leadership, sales, and culture transformation.


With over 50 years of combined experience building companies and turning them around, our team can help you optimize your strengths and turn your challenges into opportunity.

Business Solutions

We are more than just trainers. Together, our team has the combined professional experience and business knowledge to provide your top managers and executives with tools they need to apply the training they receive to your entire organization. Executive Coaching with New Horizons Learning Group gives you the power to easily track results and manage workplace performance, so you know your investment will multiply results.

Leadership Professionals

Our leadership consulting team launched after our principal consultant served in leadership roles in two of the largest companies in the residential construction industry and as the Founder/CEO of his own successful company for ten years. With over 20 years of competitive corporate experience, he offers his clients a unique blend of hands-on operational experience with a strong leadership and coaching style.

Cross-Industry Experience

Our exceptional cross-industry experience, coupled with our expertise in drawing out the optimal solutions from teams and clients, make us the perfect coach of your staff and their leaders.

We offer a number of leadership and coaching programs to help your team come together and work more efficiently. Whether your aim is to develop new leaders from within or find ways to increase income from sales, our team will help you build a training plan to accomplish your goals. With New Horizons, your organization is able to move from a well-defined strategic objective to its successful execution. Contact your local Account Executive for a free consultative meeting regarding Executive Coaching and leadership consulting today!


Leadership Training Programs

Leadership Edge

Our Leadership Edge program is a unique training solution for professionals that are in leadership positions and are in charge of managing staff in their organization. Through the program, these managers will learn to recognize the role they play in their team’s overall performance. Leadership Edge consists of one-on-one coaching, as well as group training, to help individuals develop problem-solving tactics for issues they face as managers. Our program has 19 training modules, allowing professionals to develop a customized program that meets their organizational needs.

Strategy Management 

Our Strategy Management program is built on the premise of moving from having a well-defined strategic objective to putting a plan into action. The strategy management process is an effective way to solve your business challenges, get your projects back on track, and create business development plans that are both efficient and effective. Strategy Management for Teams is an Executive Coaching program that enables management and their teams to break down problems and work together to reach goals and deliver results. This is a proven team training program that prepares businesses and managers to adapt to change quickly so their teams can become more efficient while fostering trust, accountability, goal planning, communication and focus. The result is an improvement to the bottom line as well as morale and work ethic.

Culture Transformation

In the competitive business environment you operate in today, companies need to motivate their managers and employees to work together to improve the bottom line. By keying in on ways to boost trust, communication, execution and accountability, executives are able to enhance team cohesion and increase the likelihood of producing favorable results. Productive conflict is beneficial because it allows team members to grow together with the common goal of achieving the best possible results while adhering to tight deadlines. Allow the experts at New Horizons to help increase your team’s accountability with our proven Teamwork Builders and Blockers programs.

Solutions Summit

It is important to be able to develop clear, concise goals in order to solve your business’s top challenges. Our experts use a structured leadership consulting environment that facilitates growth and allows you to build the skills needed to be successful. Our “call to action summit” gives teams the foundation necessary to build consensus and keep members accountable for success and failure. This shared commitment to the successful execution of a team’s action plan improves workplace culture and brings about resolutions to company challenges.

Professional Sales Development

Your sales staff is a critical component of your overall business strategy. The experts at New Horizons will assist you with professional training for your sales team so that they can develop into the business consultants you need to achieve your goals. In addition, our team will help yours with the skills needed for value propositions, sales presentations, moving sales through hibernation, negotiating the terms of a sale, navigating the post-sale process, and creating a growth analysis plan. Also important to the growth of your sales team is developing behavioral characteristics and attitudes that strengthen each member’s ability to close sales. This can lead to more prospects transforming into key accounts that spur the growth of the organization as a whole.

Performance Management

Shifting from annual performance reviews to continuous performance management and assessment can lead to greater productivity in your organization. Employees are able to see the relationship between their performance and overall business success, and continuous management allows them to improve throughout the year rather than getting feedback just once a year. It is necessary to have managers that are able to select, coach and develop their staff as well. Our Executive Coaching approach delivers a Six Step Performance Management Strategy that empowers your managers and allows them to use available resources to achieve the desired results from their team.


Our associates have years of operational excellence in the corporate setting and proven experience in sales management, organizational development and business leadership. Our Executive Coaching team offers clients a unique blend of hands-on experience in business and demonstrated leadership. New Horizons combines the backgrounds and skills of our associates with the Profile XT assessment and Leadership Edge Training modules, making us your ideal One-on-One Coaches for business leaders or strategic coaches for your entire leadership team.


New Horizons uses the Profile XT assessment module to measure how well an individual in your organization fits with a specific job. This job-matching feature is unique, as it allows you to use PXT to evaluate an individual based on desired qualities in order to successfully perform in a certain role in your organization. Our team of experts will help you utilize this assessment as a way to gain in-depth and objective insight into a person’s thinking and reasoning style, as well as behavioral patterns relevant to the job. Profile XT can be used to screen candidates for openings in your business and also as a tool to gauge employees that may be up for a promotion. It can also be used to help develop and coach your team as necessary.


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  • The Leadership Edge curriculum
  • How to build the exact program for your team
  • The Training and Coaching process
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What Our Students Say

  • 79% of IT Professionals improved productivity from their training at New Horizons
  • 89% returned to New Horizons to further their skills
  • 90% of IT Professionals recommend New Horizons
  • 91% felt New Horizons content prepared them for certification
  • 92% took additional courses with New Horizons because of Instructor Quality
  • 98% would recommend New Horizons to others
  • 100% have increased their job security by taking a course

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Our Leadership & Coaching Experts

Jim McCarron, Principal

Jim launched his Executive Coaching career after serving in leadership roles in two of the largest companies in the residential construction industry and as the Founder/CEO of his own successful company for ten years. With over 20 years of competitive corporate experience, he is able to offer his clients a unique blend of hands-on operational experience with a strong leadership and coaching style. Highly recognized for his work building High Performing Teams across industries, with experience in Turnaround Management, Organizational Development, and Change Management, Jim helps organizations create a corporate culture of performance and accountability. Jim combines years of sales and operational excellence with a passion for Leadership Development, making him the perfect ally to drive change, coach business leaders, or be a strategic mentor & trainer for any team within your organization.

Kelly Makino, Performance Consultant

Kelly holds a master’s in Counseling & Organizational Behavior from University of Pennsylvania and joined our team as a Turnaround and Coaching Specialist. With over ten years of experience bringing order to chaos and coaching leaders through crises, including as the Founder/Director of her own event agency, she offers a distinct ability to draw out answers that would otherwise be lost. Recognized at the state and national level for creating loyal client and staff engagement, Kelly’s passion is strengths-based capacity-building for companies. She has driven change as a leader and organizational development consultant in the technology, entertainment, non-profit, retail, and education sectors. Kelly blends her experience spanning Operations and HR with coaching and mediation to create a track record of curating positive culture and surpassing business goals, making her an ideal support to help you identify the road map to the next level and coach your teams to their highest performance abilities. 

Dean Hara, Performance Consultant

Dean Hara came to us with more than 25 years of proven experience in the field of sales, marketing, and business development and an MBA from the University of Southern California. Over the years Dean has perfected the art of Sales Performance and has been recognized by several national companies for his excellence in developing topline accounts. Dean has served in senior sales and leadership roles in the IT, healthcare, energy, non-profit, and manufacturing industries, and has a long track record of creating exponential revenue growth for the organizations that he works with. He worked with some of the biggest names in their industries, including Quest Diagnostics, Mondavi, and PG&E. His exceptional cross-industry experience, coupled with his expertise of drawing out the optimal solutions from the teams and clients around him make him a perfect coach of your staff and their leaders.


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What Our Students Say About Leadership & Development Training and Certifications

"In all the correspondence, training and support I’ve had from New Horizons, I highly recommend their services to any individual or company seeking personal or professional development. Some courses I’ve completed include Managerial Leadership, Excel 2010 Part 1-3 and Lean Six Sigma Green Belt Boot Camp. I’ve taken these courses in their Online Live mode, greatly appreciated, as well as at their clean and comfortable Anaheim location. Each course was taught by an expert in the field who provided insight to real-life challenges and brought energy and relevance to the topics. This, along with instructors’ concise and relatable content, has helped me apply my training in my daily duties as a project manager."

Vivian Moon
Project Manager
Douglas Steel Supply

"New Horizons offers a wide range of classes, both technical computer courses, and business and soft skills meet most of my needs. Every class and instructor I have booked through New Horizons has been well received and positively reviewed. I am a one-person training department supporting over 500 employees, and my relationship with New Horizons makes my job easier. They take care of so much of the paperwork and logistics that I am free to focus on my many other duties."

Melissa Campbell
Training Administrator
Teledyne Controls