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Our half day classes provide a realistic approach for today’s busy employees. This accelerated learning option is ideal for employees that don’t have time for full day classes. By focusing on key business topics, the quick paced format makes for an efficient use of your employee's time. 

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Hear What Our Students Are Saying

"The Excel training class went very well. I know everyone came away with some new information they did not know. Her presentation was informative and she was very helpful in answering questions. Thank you and Diane very much!"

Gail Napurski, Administrative Assistant
Shea Properties, Aliso Viejo CA

"New Horizons training not only improved by Excel skills and gave me the ability to analyze database outputs, it also improved my overall computer skills across every Microsoft program"

Amanda Schaul

IT Professional, Datavail

"My instructor did an exceptional job. I really liked the way she would provide a summary of each section we went through. And she was super patient. Excel is new to me and she took the time to guide me through it in a way that was easy to understand. And she has a great grasp of teaching adult learners."

Career Development Student, Tucson AZ

"I did an instructor led training for Excel 2010 Level 1 at the Burbank facility. I had very little to no experience in Excel and this class was just the right pace and had the right content for a beginner. Prior to this course I had never taken a computer course, not even in college. All that I knew of Microsoft Office I figured out on my own, with a lot of help from that 'help' button and Google searches! Being in the classroom environment with an instructor was SO much easier!"

Amanda Brush

Los Angeles Restaurant Industry