New Horizons Wins Best Performance Award from World’s Largest Learning and Talent Measurement Solutions Provider

Conshohocken, PA, January 18, 2011 — New Horizons Computer Learning Centers, the world’s largest independent IT training company, today added the prestigious KnowledgeAdvisors Best Performance Award to its ever-expanding trophy case.

Headquartered in Conshohocken, PA., with 300 centers in 70 countries, New Horizons was one of only two companies honored by KnowledgeAdvisors, the largest learning and talent measurement solutions provider in the world. New Horizons was named this year’s winner for top Customer Education. In good company, New Horizons is joined by Sprint Corporation who was named top Corporate University.

Metrics That Matter

According to Kent Barnett, chief executive officer of KnowledgeAdvisors, the annual Best Performance Awards are the only awards of their kind where no applications are accepted. Instead, they are based on real data from day-to-day programs, and the judges look for the following: effectiveness of instructors, coursework, learning, job impact, business results and return on investment; demonstrated consistent improvement of upwardly trending values and use of data to improve courses; high-volume collection of evaluations annually; the process of setting goals and monitoring performance, and the strategy for engaging leaders with useful data for decision-making.

Organizations use KnowledgeAdvisors to access its measurement expertise, on-demand software and integrated human capital analytics to ensure a high-performing workforce.

Using KnowledgeAdvisors’ Metrics That Matter, a proprietary evaluation tool used to assess training effectiveness, New Horizons ranks first or second in five of the six effectiveness criteria when measured against all companies and organizations. Performance data is shared monthly with all learning centers so they can continuously improve. The number of learning centers that exceeded New Horizons’ performance goal increased by 15 percent.

Additionally, New Horizons honors its best locations with a “5-Star Award”, given annually to those locations that demonstrate the highest level of quality according to the Metrics That Matter standards. Since inception, the number of centers to receive the award has increased by 50 percent.

“It’s a great honor to win KnowledgeAdvisors’ inaugural Customer Education award,” said Mark Miller, chief executive officer of New Horizons Computer Learning Centers. “It validates our commitment to deliver the highest quality IT training in the world, and further demonstrates why we are the largest educational institution dedicated to meeting the needs of the expanding market for qualified IT professionals.”