About New Horizons Learning Methods

Learn What You Want, How You Want, When You Want

New Horizons Integrated Learning solutions are the most efficient and cost-effective methods available in the industry. Organizations thrive when their employees are up to speed on the technology and applications they use every day. Within the ever-changing world of technology, this requires employers to ensure their departments stay current with the latest IT trends. With the New Horizons Learning Group blended learning framework, IT training can help employees perform at the top of their game!

Which learning method is right for me?

Everyone has their own learning style and New Horizons builds training solutions that meet the demands of a wide range of them. Get a preview of all of our learning methods below, and then click the links to explore which method is best for the way you work and learn. New Horizons integrated learning does more than embrace a variety of learning styles. It ties individual learning objectives to business goals in ways that are right for each company, features the largest Guaranteed-to-Run course schedule in the world and delivers the highest ROI for your training dollars.


What Our Students Say

  • 68% are more productive in their current role
  • 89% returned to New Horizons to further their skills
  • 91% felt New Horizons content prepared them for certification
  • 92% took additional courses with New Horizons because of Instructor Quality
  • 98% would recommend New Horizons to others
  • 100% have increased their job security by taking a course

Learn More

Whether it is your goal to achieve a new certification or enhance your current skill set with career courses, the Integrated Learning Approach’s “Assess” phase will help you determine why and where you need training. This portion allows managers and employees to identify the skills they want and need to learn as well as the level of training to enroll in. Assessing your current situation before moving forward is the best way for you and your organization to save both time and money.

New Horizons Learning Group understands that students learn in different ways. The Integrated Learning Approach allows you to choose a learning style that fits you best. New Horizons Learning Group can meet your business or individual training needs through the following methods:

At New Horizons Learning Group, our training methods allow you to control training schedules, content, and pace, whether for yourself or your employees.


As part of New Horizon Learning Group’s Integrated Learning Approach, you will receive the tools you need to retain the course material. These include:

  • Hands-on labs
  • Reference Materials
  • Practice Exams
  • Learning Guides
  • eCourseware
  • Exam Preparation


Beyond the reinforcement tools provided in class, New Horizons Learning Group will also support you with the following resources:

  • New Horizons Learning Management System (LMS)
  • Technical Help Desk Support
  • Training Administration

The validate step in the Integrated Learning Approach will allow you or your corporate training manager to identify the skills you learned, additional areas to master, and the value of your new knowledge to you and your company. New Horizons Learning Group accomplishes this through:

  • Course evaluations
  • Certification exams
  • Post-class assessments
  • Surveys

Live Training

OnLine LIVE® is our most popular learning method as you can participate in live instructor led courses from the comfort of your home or work office.

Instructor-Led Training is the foundation of our Integrated Learning Approach and gives beginners the energy and feedback of an in-person classroom setting.

Hosted Distance Learning is perfect for people who want the schedule of OnlineLIVE® and need the environment of a New Horizons learning center to study with other students.

Mentored Learning® combines focused learning, one-on-one mentoring and flexible scheduling to increase your capabilities while maintaining your productivity.

Custom Training

Private and Custom Training

 is designed to help your organization achieve its goals and lead to direct and immediate results. New Horizons offers more options to give your organization more flexibility when it comes to training.

Onsite and Dedicated Training allows organizations to bring world class trainers into their facility to train employees. 

Rent a Training Room from New Horizons to host your own employee development or offsite meeting.

eLearning Training

NHAnytime eLearning has evolved to provide you with the accessibility, support and content you need to study on your own time using the same core course content as our world-renowned courses.

Authrozied Vendor OnDemand Training allows you to study ondemand 24/7. You can complete training piecemeal or in an order you choose so you can focus on what you don’t know, or on what you need to know right now.

  • Microsoft
  • VMware
  • Cisco
  • Red Hat
  • IBM
  • Oracle

How Our Integrated Learning Approach Works For You

With New Horizons’ Integrated Learning approach our career programs, courses and certifications guide you through the entire learning cycle. This creates a memorable training experience for all students. Managers and executives that partner with New Horizons are able to receive a superior student experience that enhances training and helps achieve your business goals. The Integrated Learning Approach’s Five Components – Assess, Learn, Reinforce, Support, and Validate