Mentored Learning at New Horizons

Focused Learning with One-on-One Mentoring

New Horizons Learning Group’s Mentored Learning program puts time back into your day. Our selection of adjustable course schedules allows you to develop the skills you need while working around your daily schedule. We know that time is money, and Mentored Learning helps you stay productive and increase your capabilities while working with your current deadlines. Your dedicated Account Executive or Education Consultant can assist with developing a customized training plan for each student in your organization, which will then translate into improved productivity.

Learn with a Personal Mentor at Your Side

Mentored Learning courses are conducted at New Horizons Learning Group’s locations. When you are taking a course you will have access to a personal, state-of-the-art workstation that includes two computer monitors. This allows you to have the course content on one screen while using the other to participate in an interactive environment that consists of the server, hardware, and software you need for hands-on training.

As you continue through your course, a professional New Horizons instructor will be at your side in order to answer questions, customize instructions, and provide assistance with the course work. Taking a personal approach to training helps you learn in a stimulating and effective environment.

Improve material comprehension with one-on-one coaching and support
Create an effective learning environment by blending lecture, hands-on practice, and instructor interaction
Trainers will answer your questions and provide additional instruction

Be Intentional with Your Learning

The Mentored Learning program is great for those who want to focus just on what they need to know without wasting time. Our team will take an assessment of your skills before your class begins, then customize a learning plan that helps you fill in any weak areas. This approach allows you to work with your mentor to strengthen your weaknesses and pay attention to areas for improvement.

Skill sets are assessed prior to training
Custom learning plan is created to fill the knowledge gap
Focus only on the areas you need
Increase retention with the “learn while doing” approach 
Post-course assessments track progress and ROI

Once the course is complete you will be able to use assessments to help track progress and the knowledge you gained during training. Mentored Learning gives you the tools needed to put your new training into action, which helps increase your productivity and value in the job market.

Adaptable Scheduling Allows You to Improve Skills Set without Schedule Disruptions

Customize your training schedule around your work obligations
Stay productive at work while in training
Complete the course at your own pace
Immediately put your new training to use in your company


What Our Students Say

The U.S. Navy was faced a challenge trying to coordinate the scheudle of the IT team with day to day job duties. Mentored Learning helped their team with:
  • the convenience of scheudling
  • improved productivity
  • improved rentntion
  • improved job performance over 75%