NH60 One Hour Training from New Horizons


Build The Perfect NH60 Training for Your Organization

NH60 is the ultimate build your own training solution. With 60 minute learning lessons, you will learn exactly what you need to know in the time you have to set aside. Specific project and task focused training will transition you and your team into the most productive organizational units.

Live, PROJECT AND Task Oriented Training

NH60 training modules are focused on improving the specific tasks you perform every day. A short one hour session can turn weaknesses into strengths to make you more productive than ever before.

A Sessions for Every Need

Everything you need from Microsoft Office 365 including: Macros, Pivot Tables, and Mail Merges. Presentations, Graphics, Collaboration, and much more. With hundreds of one hour training sessions to choose from, NH60 is the perfect short Instructor Led Training solution. Schedule up to 6 sessions sessions per day to allow each team member the best training to crush the competition.

The right training, at the right time

NH60 was designed to give your organization exactly what you need for Office training and development. Using a mix of authorized courseware, labs and break out sessions, digital ebooks and reference guides, learn what you want, how you want, when you want. 

NH60 is delivered for Private and Onsite Sessions only. You can choose up to a maximum of 6 NH60 Sessions per day with up to 20 people attending each session.


Excel 2016

Getting Started with Excel 2016

Performing Calculations with Excel 2016

Modifying an Excel 2016 Worksheet

Formatting an Excel 2016 Worksheet

Printing Excel 2016 Workbooks

Managing Excel 2016 Workbooks

Working with Functions in Excel 2016

Working with Lists in Excel 2016

Analyzing Data in Excel 2016

Visualizing Data with Charts in Excel 2016

Using PivotTables and PivotCharts in Excel 2016

Working with Multiple Worksheets and Workbooks in Excel 2016

Using Lookup Functions and Formula Auditing in Excel 2016

Sharing and Protecting Workbooks in Excel 2016

Automating Workbook Functionality in Excel 2016

Creating Sparklines and Mapping Data in Excel 2016

Forecasting Data in Excel 2016

Office 365

Getting Started with Microsoft Office 365 Web Apps

Collaborating with Shared Files in Microsoft Office 365

Using the Outlook Web Apps in Microsoft Office 365

Communicating with Skype for Business

Using Skype for Business Meetings

Interacting with Mobile Devices in Microsoft Office 365

Using Productivity Apps in Microsoft Office 365 Online

Overview of the Microsoft® Office 365® Productivity Apps

Managing Activities with Microsoft® Office 365®  Planner

Gathering Information with Microsoft® Office 365® Forms

Managing Video Resources with Microsoft® Office 365® Stream

Using Microsoft® Office 365® Sway to Create Digital Stories

Automating Your Work with Microsoft® Office 365® Flow

Outlook 2016

 Getting Started with Outlook 2016

 Formatting Outlook 2016 Messages

 Working with Outlook 2016 Attachments and Illustrations

 Customizing Outlook 2016 Message Options

 Organizing Outlook 2016 Messages

 Working with your Outlook 2016 Contacts

 Working with the Outlook 2016 Calendar

 Working with Outlook 2016 Tasks and Notes

 Modifying Messages and Setting Global Options in Outlook 2016

 Organizing, Searching, and Managing Messages in Outlook 2016

 Managing your Outlook 2016 Mailbox

 Automating Message Management in Outlook 2016

 Working with Outlook 2016 Calendar Settings

 Managing Contacts in Outlook 2016

 Managing Activities by Using Tasks in Outlook 2016

 Sharing Outlook 2016 Workspaces with Others

 Managing Outlook 2016 Data Files


OneNote 2016

Getting Started with OneNote 2016

Adding and Formatting OneNote 2016 Notebook Content

Embedding and Attaching Files in OneNote 2016

Organizing and Searching OneNote 2016 Notebooks

Finalizing a OneNote 2016 Notebook

Managing OneNote 2016 Notebook Files

Sending and Sharing OneNote 2016 Content


Windows 10

Accessing Microsoft Windows 10

Using Microsoft Windows 10 Universal Apps and Desktop Applications 

Working with Files and Folders in Microsoft Windows 10

Using Cortana and Edge in Microsoft Windows 10

Customizing the Microsoft Windows 10 Environment

Installing and Removing Devices in Microsoft Windows 10 

Securing Your Microsoft Windows 10 Computer

Using Backup and Recovery Tools in Microsoft Windows 10


PowerPoint 2016

Getting Started with PowerPoint 2016

Developing a PowerPoint 2016 Presentation

Performing Advanced Text Editing in PowerPoint 2016

Adding Graphical Elements to Your PowerPoint 2016 Presentation

Modifying Objects in Your PowerPoint 2016 Presentation

Adding Tables to Your PowerPoint 2016 Presentation

Adding Charts to Your PowerPoint 2016 Presentation

Preparing to Deliver Your PowerPoint 2016 Presentation

Modifying the PowerPoint 2016 Environment

Customizing PowerPoint 2016 Design Templates

Adding SmartArt and Equations to a PowerPoint 2016 Presentation

Working with Media and Animations in PowerPoint 2016

Collaborating on a PowerPoint 2016 Presentation

Customizing a PowerPoint 2016 Slide Show

Securing and Distributing a PowerPoint 2016 Presentation



Collaborating with Microsoft® Office 365® Teams

Word 2016

Getting Started with Word 2016

Formatting Text and Paragraphs in Word 2016

Working More Efficiently in Word 2016

Managing Lists in Word 2016

Adding Tables in Word 2016

Inserting Graphic Objects in Word 2016

Controlling Word 2016 Page Appearance

Preparing to Publish a Word 2016 Document

Organizing Word 2016 Content Using Tables and Charts

Customizing Word 2016 Formats Using Styles and Themes

Inserting Word 2016 Content Using Quick Parts

Using Word 2016 Templates to Automate Document Formatting

Controlling the Flow of a Word 2016 Document

Simplifying and Managing Long Word 2016 Documents

Using Mail Merge in Word 2016

Manipulating Images in Word 2016

Using Custom Graphic Elements in Word 2016

Collaborating on Word 2016 Documents

Adding Microsoft Office 2016 Document References and Links

Securing a Word 2016 Document

Using Word 2016 Forms to Manage Content

Automating Repetitive Tasks With Word 2016 Macros


Office Transition 2016

Starting the Transition to Microsoft Office 2016

Making the Transition to Word 2016

Making the Transition to Excel 2016

Making the Transition to PowerPoint 2016

Making the Transition to Access 2016

 Making the Transition to Outlook 2016